Opportunities on the Soca river

What to do on your vacation in Slovenia? The Soca river offers you a wide variety of activities, from simple relaxation on its shores up to extreme adrenaline activities on and in the river. If we include the tributaries, the Soca river becomes a versatile source of fun and excitement!

The most timid of the adrenaline activities is probably Soca rafting. While you may be familiar with the impressions of wild white-water rafting, that is not everything rafting has to offer. Especially not on the Soca river which can be very calm and safe on wider segments around Kobarid and Tolmin. As such, Soca rafting is the perfect choice for families and first-timers, also for all the adventurists that want to explore the river and enjoy the picturesque ambient of the untouched nature. Maybe it’s even recommendable for those that are looking for their first step into the adrenaline activities. Soca rafting is flexible, appropriate for all kinds of interested parties.

Soca definitely offers a lot of other activities as well. Logical mentions would include kayaking and other activities on various floating vessels. But let’s explore other possibilities. A great recommendation is canyoning, Soca with its tributaries is ideal for that. There are several interesting canyons that call explorers and adventurists to traverse them on foot. For canyoning, Soca itself doesn’t offer much, instead the activity is done in the canyons of the tributaries of the river. Those are streams of much smaller size with narrow and deep canyons, also with exciting natural obstacles for anyone that sets out to traverse their length. With experienced guides, canyoning tours can be the most unforgettable part of your vacation in Slovenia. Canyoning Soca is also well included in the tourist offer of the towns in the valley.