Tourist offer in Bovec

Bovec is well known for the beautiful natural surroundings and the limitless options the river Soca offers to the adventurers, but the tourist agencies are crucial for a good experience. That’s the reason Bovec is the most popular town with the tourists in the Soca valley, not any other town in the region.

Adrenaline activities

There are many adrenaline activities, most prominent among them should be Soca rafting. Bovec is the best starting point, not only for the access to the river, but for all the other necessities as well. You need a lot of equipment for Soca rafting, Bovec offers equipment rentals and transport, as well as complete packages for those that just want to make the best use of their time. Guided tours are the way to go if you want to enjoy safe and thrilling Soca rafting. Bovec has several experienced agencies that can meet all the expectations of the demanding clientele. 

Another popular activity is canyoning, Bovec is again the perfect place to look for experiences of this sort. For canyoning, Bovec offers a wide variety of guided tours, from short and easy tours that last around 2 hours to much longer and more difficult expedition that last up to 7 or 8 hours! Canyoning Bovec is definitely recommended!

Other offer

Beside the adrenaline activities, there are many other options for recreation in the nature. That’s still not enough for a complete holiday, that’s why Bovec also offers great options for accommodation and dining. The transport works just as well, even though most of the visitors arrive with their own or rented cars. There are seasonal activities to prevent boredom in the summer and a lot is going on at any time, so you’ll have no problem making the best use of your time.