New outdoor experiences for daring adventurers

There are many outdoor activities that can be very fun and thrilling in the summer days. Some of them are classics, enjoyed regularly by all kinds of adventurers. Others are special, found only in specific areas and offer a unique experience. Many daring adventurers are always on the lookout for new options, which is why they will enjoy the offer of the tourist towns in the Soca Valley.

Bovec is the place to be if you’re after unique outdoor adventures. There are many options to choose from beside all the classics like rafting and kayaking. One example that is sort of similar to rafting and kayaking is hydrospeed. Bovec has a tempting offer for anyone wishing to experience the river up close, not just sitting in a boat. Hydrospeed Bovec is a unique experience that can’t be reproduced elsewhere – the Soca river is ideally suited for thrilling adventures like this, and the town is very well prepared for all kinds of adventurers that wish to find the best possible activity for them. For hydrospeed, Bovec is definitely the right choice.

There’s another unique option in Bovec, canyoning. For those that don’t want to merely enjoy the river but want to put in some work, Bovec canyoning is the best possible choice. Guided tours will lead you down the canyons of the smaller streams that present an exciting set of challenges. Most of the obstacles are completely natural, demanding some skill and perseverance. It’s the ideal activity for adventurers that don’t plan to spend all their free time just laying in the sun. Bovec canyoning is a great new experience for those that already know rafting, kayaking and other more common options. It’s beginner friendly, but the advanced courses are very demanding and a great challenge even for more experienced adventurers.